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Final miscellany

Hello there!

This is just to let you know that as I have moved the blog to my own webhost (from the platform) which mostly affects readers in China who no longer need a VPN to view the Shanghai Street Stories.

The website remains but it is likely that those who had subscribed to the blog early on may have to check your email subscriptions, RSS and Google Reader. Someone mentioned that he has not been receiving notifications of my latest posts. One problem could be that you are still subscribing to which from here on, will be defunct.

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact me via the Contact Sheet. I will do my best to help.



My photo exhibit, interviews, photo essays and … we’re moving!

Contrary to the radio silence that some may have noticed, many exciting things are afoot here. I will be updating this post for the rest of the week and we will resume business as usual next Monday.

First of all, I have an upcoming photo exhibit that is launching this Sat, 11 September. This is all most exciting and I cannot begin to thank the folks at Southern Barbarian who have been so kind to host my work.  

You are all invited to the launch party, details are below:

Second, as part of the obligatory publicity drive to promote the exhibit, I’ve been interviewed by the local magazines including That’s Shanghai, City Weekend, NeochaEDGE (more to come).

Third, I have an online photo essay coming out in the next day. (details to come) my photo essay on the first bat mitzvah in the Ohel Moshe Synagogue in Shanghai, which now serves as the Jewish Refugee Museum, is now in The Atlantic,  “Being Jewish in Shanghai”  which is wonderfull written by Adam Minter. Many thanks to the Rosens who allowed me to participate in such a significant occasion.

Finally, this site will soon be migrating to a webhost with the specific purpose of overcoming the firewall here in China. I currently use which is blocked for most readers in China, and so action has been taken. Or to be more accurate, a very generous and kind friend has helped me do this, we will celebrate her fabulousness in due course.

Of course, I have you to thank, dear reader, for taking the time to stop by. Welcome to all new readers as well. I hope you enjoy the many stories that the city has to offer.


Some published work of late and varia

Hello there! I want to share some exciting news with you about some new published work and updates for the blog.

Foreign Policy Magazine recently published my photo essay entitled “Bulldozed in Shanghai“.

Similar to Boston Globe’s Big Picture and New York Times’ Lens, FoPo’s photo essay covers a wide selection of photo documentaries on politics, the impact of war and conflict, the environment and the list goes on.

*Update: The FP photo essay has been republished over at Netease 网易, a Chinese-language news portal, which has generated over 250 comments ranging from criticism/support for China’s urban development policies to whether I fabricated,through Photoshop, the photo of Old vs New urban landscape.

– Koi Koi Koi featured a collection of my photography work.

The site is an awesome e-magazine covering visual arts, illustration and graphic design, animation, advertising, web design and photography. The write-up was done by Alex aka Jellyfish who also writes for NeochaEDGE in China, and we’ve exchanged many views on photography in China with great gusto.

You can view more of my published work here or amuse yourself over my interview with BBC Vietnam here.

Next week, we will have another Behind the Camera interview with a talented Shanghainese street photographer. So watch this space!

As always, I want to thank you for visiting. With so many great blogs/sites out there, I appreciate you taking the time to stop by.


Shooting the cover for 2010 我在上海 世博特刊 (Part 1)

I’m most excited to share with you a Shanghai travel book entitled <<2010 我在上海 世博特刊>> produced by one of the most popular travel companies in Taiwan – Lion Travel.

They approached me to shoot (part of ) a cover for their upcoming book on Shanghai, timed to release during the opening of the Shanghai Expo. They clearly had a unique vision and all credit to them for taking a chance on my style and doing such a phenomenal job on the book.

I shot the cover of the little boy in a Hongkou longtang, and can’t wait to give Ah-da and his family their own copy. I’ll share more about that photo shoot next time. Just know I endured kiddy snot and mucus on my 5D, be still my terrified heart.

They even included a photographer’s note toward the end of the book, where I talk about Shanghai through my eyes.

A pleasure working with the creatives over at Lion. I love their passion and professionalism! Do pick up a copy if you’re in Taiwan!

很高兴能和你分享一本上海旅游书,是非常受欢迎的台湾旅游公司- 雄狮旅游 -出版的. 我很荣幸能帮他们拍封面,是虹口区的一个小弟弟.我很期待把杂志给小啊达和他家人.

旅游书内还用了我其他作品,都是我非常喜欢的. 而后面也有摄影师的短文.他们把我英文的短文翻译成中文.


谢谢雄狮旅游! 如有机会,请购买一本吧!

For Taiwan friends (在台湾的朋友)

For China friends (在中国的朋友)

You can see more of my published work here.


Miscellany #1

I try to keep public service announcements on this blog to a minimum, so please bear with me.

– University of Southern California’s “US-China Today” has published my essay on the impact of the Shanghai Expo on the city’s residents and features a slideshow of my work. You can find it here.

– I’ve also created a “Published Work” page where I will slowly put up links of my work.

– And finally, sincere thanks to all who have commented and written me directly. It constantly humbles me that people take the time to read and offer feedback, it’s greatly appreciated and highly encouraging.

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