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Final miscellany

Hello there!

This is just to let you know that as I have moved the blog to my own webhost (from the platform) which mostly affects readers in China who no longer need a VPN to view the Shanghai Street Stories.

The website remains but it is likely that those who had subscribed to the blog early on may have to check your email subscriptions, RSS and Google Reader. Someone mentioned that he has not been receiving notifications of my latest posts. One problem could be that you are still subscribing to which from here on, will be defunct.

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact me via the Contact Sheet. I will do my best to help.



My photo exhibit, interviews, photo essays and … we’re moving!

Contrary to the radio silence that some may have noticed, many exciting things are afoot here. I will be updating this post for the rest of the week and we will resume business as usual next Monday.

First of all, I have an upcoming photo exhibit that is launching this Sat, 11 September. This is all most exciting and I cannot begin to thank the folks at Southern Barbarian who have been so kind to host my work.  

You are all invited to the launch party, details are below:

Second, as part of the obligatory publicity drive to promote the exhibit, I’ve been interviewed by the local magazines including That’s Shanghai, City Weekend, NeochaEDGE (more to come).

Third, I have an online photo essay coming out in the next day. (details to come) my photo essay on the first bat mitzvah in the Ohel Moshe Synagogue in Shanghai, which now serves as the Jewish Refugee Museum, is now in The Atlantic,  “Being Jewish in Shanghai”  which is wonderfull written by Adam Minter. Many thanks to the Rosens who allowed me to participate in such a significant occasion.

Finally, this site will soon be migrating to a webhost with the specific purpose of overcoming the firewall here in China. I currently use which is blocked for most readers in China, and so action has been taken. Or to be more accurate, a very generous and kind friend has helped me do this, we will celebrate her fabulousness in due course.

Of course, I have you to thank, dear reader, for taking the time to stop by. Welcome to all new readers as well. I hope you enjoy the many stories that the city has to offer.


Buying back old Expo tickets

He stood there holding a small styrofoam board with a bored expression that was only rivaled by the young boy next to him selling ice-cream with his shirt rolled up to his chest.

Apparently, this man was in the business of buying back old mobile phones and transportation cards, amongst other things I’m sure, to recycle and make a bit of profit on the side.

“How come you are buying back old Expo tickets.” I asked, “You selling them online or try to get back into the Expo grounds?” I joked.

The man lazily looked me up and down, “What’s it to you?”

I shrugged. “I have a spare Expo ticket in my pocket to sell, maybe we can talk business. I’m just curious what you do with it, that’s all.”

He eyed my camera suspiciously. “This and that.”

I asked to take a quick snapshot, he pondered for a moment and acquiesced. As I framed my shot, he suddenly swung the sign board right into my lens.

He then proceeded to do a little dance, swimming the sign board all over the place just so it was impossible to photograph it.

“What you doing, man?” I asked in bewilderment. If you don’t want me to shoot, just say so, I huffed.

Ok, ok, he guffawed. As I tried one more time, he began his old antics again. This time, swinging the sign like a pendalum, cackling at his own wit.

Afterwhich, he pointed west and drawled, “There are a bunch more people like me buying back Expo tickets down the road, why don’t you photograph them?” With that, he continued cackling.

Exasperated, I spun on my foot and left. What a joker.

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